Tools with semantic data types support

ID Name Category Types num Description
auctus Auctus other 9 This project is a web crawler and search engine for datasets, specifically meant for data augmentation tasks in machine learning. It is able to find datasets in different repositories and index them for later retrieval.
googledatastudio Google Data Studio other 14 With Data Studio, you can easily report on data from a wide variety of sources, without programing. In just a few moments, you can connect to data sets such as: Databases, including BigQuery, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Google Marketing Platform products, including Google Ads, Analytics, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360.
ibmguardium IBM Security Guardium Analyzer pii 16 IBM Security Guardium Analyzer is a powerful service that can help you with this data security effort. Simple to use, Guardium Analyzer allows you to set up connections to your data sources - with no need to configure classification or risk scanning.
metabase Metabase other 15 Metabase is a simple and powerful analytics tool which lets anyone learn and make decisions from their company s data no technical knowledge required.
metacrafter metacrafter detector 48 Python command line tool and python engine to label table fields and fields in data files. It could help to find meaningful data in your tables and data files or to find Personal identifable information (PII).
metacrafterpro metacrafterpro detector 118 Cloud web service based on Metacrafter open source ( available for beta testing by request
metadata-guardian Metadata Guardian pii 15 Metadata Guardian is a Python package that provides an easy way to protect your data sources by searching its metadata. By searching with data rules, it will detect what you are looking to protect. Using Rust, it makes blazing fast multi-regex matching.
piicatcher PII Catcher pii 11 PIICatcher is a scanner for PII and PHI information. It finds PII data in your databases and file systems and tracks critical data.
presidio Microsoft Presidio pii 28 Presidio (Origin from Latin praesidium protection, garrison) helps to ensure sensitive data is properly managed and governed. It provides fast identification and anonymization modules for private entities in text such as credit card numbers, names, locations, social security numbers, bitcoin wallets, US phone numbers, financial data and more.
scrubadub scrubadub pii 7 Remove personally identifiable information from free text. Sometimes we have additional metadata about the people we wish to anonymize. Other times we dont. This package makes it easy to seamlessly scrub personal information from free text, without compromising the privacy of the people we are trying to protect.`
soda Soda other 8 Soda allows everyone on your data team to find, analyze, and resolve data issues. Our open-source tools and data observability platform bring everyone closer to the data, resulting in data products that you can trust.
sqldatacatalog RedGate SQL Data catalog catalogs 21 SQL Data Catalog helps you protect your business by providing a scalable and repeatable process for managing personally-identifiable information (PII), as it moves through your SQL Server estate. Our solution lets you create a data catalog of your SQL Server estate, and monitors and controls it for protection appropriate to the sensitivity of the data, ensuring compliance during data handling.